The Liberty Balloon School 33 years History

  • 3,000+ pilots have attended the weekend course
  • 44% of pilots trained return for refresher or upgrade training.
  • 350+ courses conducted in 33 different states
  • The online interactive course replaced the video/DVD course in 2008 and over 200 pilots have successfully completed it.


Consistent quality instruction over a 40 year period has resulted in an industry wide reputation for the best in Balloon pilot training. Our alumni referrals are the largest source of our new students. For several years we have been an approved course for completing the yearly Safety Seminar requirements of the balloon insurance companies.


Class Schedule

Private Pilot Ground SchoolLocation

February 24, 25, 2018      Goshen, NY


March 21, 22,  2018         Phillidelphia, PA





You may register for any Private Pilot Ground School using the form below. Please fill in all requested information. If you are attending solely to receive credit for an annual safety seminar to reduce your insurance premium check both alumni status and Safety Seminar even if you have never attended a previous class. Additionally, check which of the days (one or both) you plan to attend. You will receive an email confirmation with details of the class about one week prior to the scheduled date.


Safety Seminar

You may receive credit for an annual safety seminar to reduce your insurance premium by attending a Liberty Balloon School class. You must, at a minimum, attend one full day of the two day course. Day one is the most basic content covering meteorology, weather reports and forecasts, and FAR's. Day two covers airspace, Sectional charts, Weather briefings, micro-meteorology, ADM and balloon operations. We encourage you to attend both days if you can. The tuition is $50, the rate we charge alumni students returning, and covers both days.


Online Payment

Balloon Pilot Certification
Classroom Course Online Payment

To register for a classroom course, please check the schedule and complete the registration form.

Standard Tuition: $395.00
Early Registration:
Payment must be received 30 days prior to class start.
Group Registration:
Groups of 5 or more are eligible for this discount.
(There is no multiple discount for Group and Early combined.)
Alumni repeating course or Safety Seminar credit $50.00


For many years Liberty Balloon School sold books related to balloon flying. Recently we discontinued this practice as it had become impractical. We shifted our inventory to, a local business who we have had a very long relationship with and found to be an excellent company to deal with. We encourage you to order any of the supplies we previously offered through


Online Training

Take a free lesson on the ROMAN/RAWS weather station network and also access columns by Bill Hughes appearing in the BFA Ballooning magazine.

Our self-paced interactive, on-line training will provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully complete your FAA written test and prepare you for your flight training. The private course covers all the basics and the commercial course supplements it, focusing on instruction skills. Integrated into each course are quizes containing the actual questions on the FAA test.

Access is for a 30 day period.

Private Pilot Course: $385.00
Commercial Pilot Course: $55.00
Private and Commercial Pilot Course: $415.00
Commercial Pilot Course:(Alumni rate) $35.00

Free On-line Training

Take a free lesson on the ROMAN/RAWS Tutorial

Columns by Bill Hughes appearing in the BFA Ballooning magazine: